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Especially in times of crisis, when jobs are being cut and interim managers are in demand, many employees who are looking for a new professional challenge try to “save themselves” in an interim mandate. However, this is the wrong approach. Interim management is not a “life raft” where one should seek refuge from unemployment, because the challenges of a mandate demand a lot from a manager. Interim manager is a profession like any other, which should be seen as a calling and should be carried out just as respectfully. The requirements can be seen like a cooking recipe. Lots of experience, extensive skills in different areas, disciplines and knowledge of what you can and can't do. The reason is that the interim world is very small and every error is immediately recognized and registered.

Interim management for beginners

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  • Interim management for beginners

    Every beginning is difficult!

    Authors: Haman, MSc, Marcus Karl


    •  9783756868940
    •  9783756810734


     Book,  E-Book

    Available since

    December 8, 2022



    Total number of pages: 88 pages

    Number of color pages: 0 pages

    Format: 12x19 cm

    Cover: Paperback

    Lamination: Matte

    Paper type (book block): White 90g


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