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Interim Management has grown in several developed countries to an established and recognized tool to cover different topics in an organization. The applicability of an Interim Manager is multifold and in tricky as well as in everyday situations it can represent an excellent alternative to own internal resources. Especially when topics, which cannot be found in the portfolio of the core competences of the undertaking have to be dealt with. 

This book provides an insight into the profession.

interim management for beginners

SKU: 21711070
  • interim management for beginners

    Subtitle: an insight into the profession
    Authors: Haman, MSc, Marcus Karl

    Product: BoD Classic
    BoD no.: 21711070
    Medium:  Book,  E-Book
    Book ISBN: 9783756852109
    E-book ISBN: 9783756810796
    Available since: December 8th, 2022

    Version: 1

    Total number of pages: 88 pages

    Number of color pages: 0 pages

    Format: 12x19 cm

    Cover: Paperback

    Lamination: Matte

    Paper type (book block): White 90g

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